Securitron DK-12 Digital Keypad System - Single Gang


All-in-One Keypad System for Single-Door Traffic Control

The Securitron DK-12 Digital Keypad System - single gang,  is a one-piece unit designed for lower security requirements. Primarily intended for indoor operation, it features illuminated keys.




  • Stainless steel backplate with 12 illuminated keys (10 digits + "*" and "#" keys)
  • One piece digital keypad specifically designed for control of electric locks
  • Easy to install with simple hand tools
  • Operates on low voltage AC or DC current
  • Audible keystroke echo
  • Single gang, stainless steel plate with plastic backbox
  • 99 user code capability which is programmable from the keypad
  • Passage mode and Lockout mode
  • 5 Amp SPDT timed, control relay output
  • Red and Green LEDs are visible indicators
  • Yellow LED provides programming prompt
  • True 10 digit operation
  • Request to Exit (REX) input
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