In Active Shooter Incidents, Seconds Matter

The BEST SHELTER Lockdown System - Secure Safe Spaces Quickly

Schools require a new kind of response to security. School leaders need to be able to quickly create safe spaces within the interior of their buildings: classrooms, assembly areas, multi-purpose rooms and corridors. On average, incidents are over in five minutes or less—typically before law enforcement arrives—so schools need a solution that allows them to rapidly respond to safeguard students and staff.

BEST SHELTER is a responsive lockdown solution. SHELTER—a unique combination of code-compliant hardware and proven technology—is a responsive lockdown solution specifically designed for K-12 environments and their limited budgets. Even more, SHELTER was developed with input from those who have experienced live lockdown situations. This distinct perspective led to an innovative set of features and functionality that allows schools to custom tailor how SHELTER responds in the event of a lockdown.

Why Shelter is Best

This simple, affordable solution ensures appropriate lockdown—and protection of your most valuable assets—so your school can focus on your main purpose: teaching and learning.

Engineered by Experts

SHELTER is designed and manufactured by BEST—a company well known for stringent quality and reliable mechanical hardware. What really distinguishes this security solution is that it was developed with input from teachers, administrators and others responsible for managing a building and its occupants in an emergency. Many have firsthand experience with lockdown situations.

Cost-Effective Customization

SHELTER gives schools the operability of a high-end centralized network, without the hefty expense. SHELTER can be programmed to respond to different types of security breaches and can be modified as building use and traffic evolve over time.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

SHELTER is perfect for new school buildings as well as retrofifitting existing facilities. Hardware easily installs in standard door preps (no wiring), and the key fob is simple to use and operate. Long-term maintenance is also stress-free with SHELTER performing self-diagnostics on a regular basis to generate reports and notify schools of any needed service.

Nationwide Support

SHELTER is supported by a nationwide network of security specialists who can help configure it to respond exactly the way your school needs in a lockdown emergency.

Contact us for a demo or additional information on the BEST® SHELTER™ Locking System at 1-800-221-3212.

Craftmaster, your security systems advisor!

Whether you need to secure one room or your entire school, a Craftmaster security specialists will listen, learn and respond with an ideal, cost effective solution. We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers, like BEST, to ensure that our customers have access to every resource needed.

Your Craftmaster security systems advisor will add a solution specific expert so that you have the most knowledgeable team to implement your unique solution. With Craftmaster, you never have to go it alone. We will be with you through each step of the process from planning and costing, to installation and testing. Once your new security system is up and running, Craftmaster will continue to support you with system maintenance, upgrades and new advancements that will help keep your system in alignment with your security needs.

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