More Than Great Products

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More Than Great Products

For over 70 years, Craftmaster Hardware has been the go-to for security hardware products. Our expertise covers locks, keying, cylinders, and more. All these products and supplies come with unparalleled services. From start to finish, we are here to support you every step of the way. 

More Than Great Products:

Craftmaster Hardware also offers the most comprehensive service and support for your locksmith and door installation needs.


Locksmith Support Services:

Craftmaster Hardware Locksmith Support Services We at Craftmaster Hardware are the only distributor that offers complete keying, cutting, and lock maintenance services in the industry. Our Locksmith Support Services provides assistance to various institutions across the nation from schools and healthcare to military and corrections facilities.

Our Security Hardware Specialists will work with you to find the best solution for your needs and Craftmaster Hardware Locksmith Support Services will make sure everything is customized to your specifications.

Visit our Locksmith Support Services page to learn more!



Commercial Door Installation Services:

Craftmaster Hardware Commercial Door Installation Service Van 1Our newest addition to our service options, Craftmaster Hardware now offers full door installations to the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan area.

Our Door Specialists will work with you from concept to clean-up on your perfect door for any entrance or exit. We also will ship our door hardware, from top manufacturers, nationwide to you or your business. If you are in need of doorway solutions, frames or hardware, our door specialist can help with your next project.

Visit our Commercial Door Installation Services page to learn more!



If you’re interested in learning more, fill out the form on the right so our door and hardware specialist can answer any questions you may have or provide a quote. Connect with us today!


Craftmaster, Your Locksmith Support Services and Commercial Door Installation Experts!

We are more than just a hardware distributor, Craftmaster Hardware offers service solutions for Locksmith Support and Commercial Door installation. Our specialists are committed to providing the best possible service to fulfill your needs. With passion and experience, our Commercial Door and Hardware experts are the best in the industry and we are at your service.

To become your most valued partner, your "go-to" source, we know you need something more. Experience the Craftmaster difference and secure your solution today.

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