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In security, we understand the paramount importance of access control systems. These systems are the gatekeepers of your premises, ensuring only authorized individuals can enter specific areas. They replace traditional keys with access cards, each with its unique code, offering you the power to control access at your fingertips.

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The heart of these systems lies in the card readers, designed to read access cards and grant entry. Their types vary from those requiring card insertion, swipes, or proximity. A system's number of card readers depends on the number of doorways you wish to secure. For an added layer of security, we also offer keypads, where a correct passcode is required for entry.

The magic happens when an access card or passcode triggers the electric lock hardware, unlocking the door electronically. The types of hardware vary, including electric locks, electric strikes, and electromagnetic locks, each chosen based on the door's construction. These devices ensure compliance with building and fire codes by allowing doors to be freely opened from the inside.

We also integrate alarm systems into our access control systems. In the event of unauthorized entry attempts or emergencies, the system can trigger alarms and temporarily disable locks that might impede a quick exit. The field panels, installed in telephone, electrical, or communication closets, connect all these components and process access control activity for the entire building.

Our access control products range from electronic locks, electric strikes, magnetic locks, to exit alarms and various parts & accessories. We carry brands like Adams Rite, Aiphone, Alarm Controls, Alarm Lock, Altronix, Arrow Lock, Assa, BEA Inc, Best Lock, Camden, Codelocks, Corbin Russwin, Detex, Dormakaba, Falcon, Folger Electric, Fort Lock, H.E.S., I.E.I., Kaba Access, Kaba Mas, Locknetics, Norton Door Controls, P.D.Q. Manufacturing, ROFU, Sargent and Greenleaf, Sargent Mfg., Schlage Electronics, Schlage Lock, Securitron, Southern Folger, Trine Access, Von Duprin, and Yale Security.

We are committed to providing you with the best access control solutions. With our extensive range of products and brands, we are confident that you will find the perfect fit for your security needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is an access control system?

An access control system is a security system that manages and controls who or what is allowed entrance to a system, environment, or facility. It identifies entities that have access to a controlled area, authenticates their credentials, and authorizes their entry during a designated schedule.

Q: How does an access control system work?

Access control systems work by first authenticating a user's credentials (like an access card or code). Once authenticated, the system checks the user's access rights to ensure they're allowed to enter the area they're trying to access. If the user has the right permissions, the system will unlock the door or barrier.

Q: What are the components of an access control system?

An access control system typically includes access cards or key fobs, card readers or keypads, electric lock hardware, alarm systems, and field panels. These components work together to authenticate users and control access to a building or specific areas within a building.

Q: What are the different types of access control systems?

There are several types of access control systems, including discretionary (DAC), mandatory (MAC), and role-based (RBAC). The type used often depends on the level of security required and the number of users who need access.

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Q: What is the role of electric lock hardware in an access control system?

Electric lock hardware is a crucial component of an access control system. It electronically locks and unlocks doors when an access card is swiped or a keypad code is entered. The type of electric lock hardware used depends on the door's construction and the level of security required.

Q: How do alarm systems integrate with access control?

Alarm systems are often integrated with access control to enhance security. If an unauthorized person attempts to enter a door controlled by the access control system, the system can trigger an alarm. In emergencies like a fire, the system can also temporarily disable locks to allow for quick exit.

Q: What are field panels in an access control system?

Field panels, also known as controllers, are the control panels that connect all other parts of an access control system. They process access control activity for the entire building and are typically installed in telephone, electrical, or communication closets.

Q: What are the benefits of using an access control system?

Access control systems offer several benefits, including enhanced security by restricting access, monitoring and recording of activity, integration with other security systems, and flexibility in granting and revoking access. They also eliminate the need for physical keys, which can be lost or stolen.

Q: How secure are access control systems?

Access control systems are generally very secure as they allow only authorized individuals to access a building or specific areas within a building. However, like any system, they can be vulnerable to hacking or tampering. Therefore, it's important to choose a system with strong security features and to regularly update and maintain it.

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