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Helping Facilities Professionals Secure Their Most Important Assets

Craftmaster Hardware is a leading supplier of the world’s most innovative security hardware solutions. Our business focus is dedicated to major B2B markets including detention, healthcare, education, government, commercial real estate, hospitality, and retail institutions. Most importantly, we contribute to the safety and security of these institutional environments for the people who work in them and the people who benefit from them.

Our customer service experts have established extraordinary relationships with a diverse range of directors who are responsible for these facilities. From wardens to shop locksmiths; operations managers to building maintenance personnel; security officers to fire and safety consultants, Craftmaster is a trusted partner and highly valued part of their team.

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If you’re looking for a security hardware partner that values your business and recognizes that owning your need is job one, call 800-221-3212 and experience the Craftmaster difference.

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