BEA 10MS21HR Capacitance Activation Plate


The BEA 10MS21HR Capacitance Activation Plate is 6 inch round, "wave to open"  text only stainless steel faceplate and an illuminated LED mounting ring for unparalleled durability, visibility and convenience.It is a low-profile touchless actuator plate utilizing unique capacitive technology for the activation of automatic doors. It is ideal for healthcare facilities, labs, pharmaceutical, clean rooms, washdown areas and a variety of other applications as it helps reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Innovative features of the BEA 10MS21HR Capacitance Activation Plate include a short-range adjustable detection zone, visual and audible alerts, NEMA 4 rated enclosure, and back-lit LED.

This Stainless Steel Faceplate is:

  • 6 inchs
  • Round
  • "Wave to Open" text only
  • Touchless
  • LED illuminated


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