Detex 90KR-x-8FT Keyed Removable Mullion, 8 Ft.


The Detex 90KR-x-8FT Keyed Removable Mullion, 8 Ft. is a Keyed Removable Mullion.

Specifications include:

  • Keyed Removable Mullion
  • 8 Ft.
  • For use with rim exit devices on standard and firerated pairs of doors.
  • The unique design of the latching head allows the mullion to be removed in seconds with one key turn, and then to be snapped back into place without needing the key.
  • For use on standard and firerated pairs of doors
  • Designed for heavy duty use
  • Cylinder located inside the building to prevent tampering (cylinder sold separately)
  • Easily adapted to any double door application
  • Easy installation, no drilling of the mullion tube
  • Standard primer gray coating allows for easy field painting
  • Small profile base plate prevents interference when moving objects through doorway
  • Locking head mounted to frame, not mullion
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