Lab Security Mini-Dur-X 3 In 1 Kit


This kit is great for property managers and locksmiths who rekey Kwikset, Schlage, and Weiser locks occasionally. Contains about 30 pins of each size all set to OEM standards. This kit includes Bottom Pins and one size driver pin for each lock brand. LAB produces pins for many lock manufacturers around the world, so rest assured that these pins are of the best quality.




  • Made of Super-Tough Polyethylene
  • Uses LAB .003© Universal Pins
  • 3 Top Pins
  • 23 Bottom Pins
  • There are no Master Pins with the LMD3N1
  • Cylinder Springs (.115 Long)
  • Removable Location Chart includes Bitting Information on reverse side
  • Dimensions: 8"x5"x1-3/4"
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