Schlage Electronics CO200CY70-PRK-RHO-626-BD Electronic Lock


The Schlage Electronics CO200CY70-PRK-RHO-626-BD Lock is an Electronic Lock in a Satin Chrome Finish for the CO Series is the ideal solution for customers seeking the added security and convenience of electronic access control without the cost or complexity of a fully networked system.The CO-200 is computer or manually programmable with users rights stored on the lock. The Handheld Device (HHD) used in conjunction with your access control software, allows you to easily add or delete users and retrieve audits.

Features include:

  • Computer programmable with audit trail
  • Up to 2000 users and up to 2000 audits
  • User rights stored on the lock
  • The ability to add and delete users at the lock
  • Cylinder
  • Classroom/storeroom Function
  • Proximity with Keypad Reader
  • Rhodes Lever
  • Satin Chrome Finish
  • Cylinder -SFIC (Less)



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