Alarm Lock 715X28X88 Sirenlock Delayed Egress Exit Alarm

SKU # AA/715-28-88

The Alarm Lock 715X28X88 Sirenlock Panic Exit Alarm is a stylish and cost effective solution for a building's exit door security. The Alarm Lock Sirenlock models are UL listed deadbolt operated panic alarm that secures exit doors from unauthorized use by sounding an alarm and locking in emergency situations. On this model, there is a 15 second delayed egress with an instant 95 decibel Dual Piezo alarm that meets UL specifications. There is also an instant alarmed exit feature in case of severe emergency or fire (meets NFPA 1012 Life Safety Code). If you'd like, a smoke detector input can be used to power the existing system or a standalone smoke detector as well to combine all your safety measures into one.

  • Non-handed installations on single or double doors
  • Easy installation surface mount
  • Standard panic bar/deadbolt/deadlatch design
  • Monitoring output for simultaneous use fo CCTV camera, secondary siren, etc.
  • 9V battery back up power in case of power loss
  • Meets UL, CFM, ADA, and NYC housing requirements
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