PDQ SMART Trim for 6200 Exit Device


Connects to Bluetooth BLE enabled smart phones, tablets or PDQ SMART FOB.

• Built from PDQ’s World Class 6 EW Series Exit Device Trim.
• For use with PDQ’s 6200 Series RIM, Surface Vertical Rod and Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Devices.
• Bank level security. Equipped with multi-layer door to cloud data security utilizing AES-128 bit encryption for over-the-air transmissions.
• Designed for quick installation. Fits standard 6 EW door prep. One additional hole required.
• Electronics Package features the PDQ SMART PC Board and Battery Pack securely located in the exit device.
• Available as a KIT for field retro-fit with a 6200 series exit device or supplied with the electronics package factory installed.
• Key override function: ANSI/BHMA 09 Storeroom (default).
• Locking function can be changed to Passage by an authorized credential holder.
• All levers field handed.

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