Von Duprin 7500 Series Exit Device Mortise Lock Body

SKU # VD/7500-32D

The Von Duprin 7500 Series Mortise lock is equipped with a 3 /4" (19mm) anti-friction latch bolt which is field reversible without removing the lock from the door. It has a non-handed auxiliary bolt for deadlocking and a faceplate with an adjustable bevel.

This Von Duprin 7500 exit device mortise lock body is designed with flexibility to work well with all standard  mortise exit device trims. Its function can easily be set by correctly positioning the screw on the lock case. The strength and quality of this lock ensures that it is tamper resistant and its stainless steel construction prevents corrosion.

This Von Duprin 7500 exit device mortise lock body is used with 5575/8875/9875 and 9975 series exit devices with all standard mortise exit device trim.


G.S.A. Contract Holder
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GSA contract # 47QSWA19D001W



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