Alarm Lock PDL6200-26D Networx Cylindrical Trilogy Wiegand

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Alarm Lock PDL6200-26D Networx Wireless PIN/Panel ID Locks Cylindrical Trilogy Wireless Access Control with Built in Wiegand Prox Reader features include:

  • Provide all standalone Trilogy lock functionality plus new network-wide and emergency lockdown features
  • 5000 users with 3–6-digit PINs or HID® ID cards
  • Flexible System Monitoring, Control & Programming
  • Unsurpassed 5-year+ battery life, typical, using 4 C-cell off-the- shelf batteries (supplied)
  • Grade 1 durability, rugged clutch mechanism and weatherproof for use inside or out
  • Door Position Switch/Request to Exit, specify model PDL6200/PDL8200. Real time access, must be used in Enterprise Software Integration with Continental Access, Lenel or Software House


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Alarm Lock PDL6200-26D Networx Locks Cylindrical Trilogy Wiegand

Alarm Lock PDL6200-26D Networx Wireless PIN/Panel ID Locks Cylindrical Trilogy Wireless Access Control with Built in Wiegand Prox Reader

Based on Trilogy, the #1 electronic standalone access locks, Networx Locking Products are networked to save staff labor, eliminating door-to-door programming and audit trail retrieval, by communicating wirelessly via Ethernet or 802.11B/G, all while providing the ultra-dependability, functionality & long battery life, original Trilogys are known for. The expanded Networx line, for every type of door, combines to provide a quick, easy, economical access system for up to 2000 doors and 5000 users, with advanced features & functions, e.g., automatic schedules, event logs. But, with no wires to run, and no access panels or power supplies to buy or install, it can be a great time and budget saver for buildings, campuses, or office suites. At its simplest, it’s one Grade 1 wireless lock per door, installed in about an hour, all communicating to a single Gateway (your choice of gateways controls up to 63 locks), networked to any non-dedicated Windows based PC.

In addition to Wireless Trilogy Networx’ unsurpassed battery-life, exceeding 5 years, they feature new network-wide capabilities, executed from any lock or the network’s PC, including emergency priority global lockdown deployed in seconds, and you can activate (non-priority) system-wide free passage or locking modes from the PC. For existing Trilogy installations, original standalone, and new Trilogy Networx locks can seamlessly share one common database hosted on free Alarm Lock DL-WINDOWS software. For real-time access applications, Networx Locks offer enterprise network integration with several leading platforms



Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 8 (H) x 3 1/4 (W) x 1 11/16 (D) in.
  • Door Thickness Minimum:    1 5/8 in.
  • Door Thickness Maximum: 1 7/8 in.
  • Battery Type: C cell
  • Battery Life: 5 Years
  • Code Length: 3 to 6 Digits
  • Users: 5,000
  • Door Handing: Non-Handed
  • Door Prep: Standard 2 1/8 in. Cross-Bore, Edge Bore: 1 in., Through-Bolt Hole(s)
  • Door Stile Width: Minimum 5 in.
  • Event Audit Trail: 35,000
  • Backset: 2 3/4 in.
  • Environmental: Weatherproof
  • Outside Operating
  • Temperature Range: -31° to 151°F (-35° to 66°C)
  • Manufacturer: Alarm Lock
  • Brand: Alarm Lock Trilogy, Trilogy Networx
  • Lock Features: Audit Trail, Lockdown, Passage Mode, Remote Control, Scheduling
  • Handle Type: Lever Handle Door Locks
  • Door Opening: Standard
  • Locking Device: Cylindrical Latch
  • Access Type: Key, Keypad Digits, Proximity Card/Fob
    ANSI Rating: Grade 1 (Best)
  • Fire Rating: UL 3 hr. Latch
  • Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer
  • Authentication: Multi-Factor
  • Radio Frequency: 900MHz



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