Arrow Lock MK15BD-26D Hotel Knob Lock


The Arrow Lock MK15BD-26D Hotel Knob Lock is great for commercial settings that require accessibility certifications, but not necessarily any heavy duty hardware, like a hotel room. In terms of operation, it has dead-locking latch bolt operated by the knob from inside at all times. The outside knob always inoperable. This lock's latch bolt is operated by a key from the outside, except when the push button inside is activated, thus shutting out all keys except a paired emergency key. Operating the push button operates an outside visual indicator saying that room is occupied. Operating the inside knob or closing the door releases the indicator and shut out feature, except when the shut out is activated by turning the inside button with spanner key.

  • Backset: 2-3/8"
  • Brass latch
  • Reversible handing
  • Ball knob design
  • Satin chromium plated finish



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