Best 9K Cyl Entrance 626 UltraShield AntiMicrobial Less Cyl

SKU # BE/9K37AB15DSTK-626-AM

Product Features:

  • Function: The Best Lock 9K-Series Levers are available in Entrance (AB) function.
  • Finish: The Best Lock 9K-Series Levers come in Satin Chrome (626) finish.
  • Knob Design: The Best Lock 9K-Series Levers come in 15 Lever Style (Contour angle return) design.
  • Trim: The Best Lock 9K-Series Levers comes in 3-1/2" (D) convex diameter trim.
  • Cylinder Options: All Entrance (AB) functions are sold Less Cylinder; see "Companion Items" above with all Cylinder & Keying options.
  • Backset: Standard 2-3/4" Backset.
  • Chassis: Critical latch and chassis components are brass or corrosion-treated steel. 2-1/16" diameter to fit 2-1/8" hole in door (Conforms to ANSI A115.2).
  • Latch: Solid brass 9/16" throw. Front 2-1/4" x 1-1/8" beveled.
  • Mounting: In addition to standard door preparation (ANSI A115.2 for 1-3/4" doors), two additional holes are needed for through-bolts. Through-bolts require two 5/16" diameter holes located at 12 o'clock and 6 o'lock positions. A drill jig can be ordered to insure accuracy of the holes.
  • Rose: D - 3-1/2" Convex.
  • Strike: STK: Conforms to ANSI A115.2 (2-3/4" x 1-1/8" with curved lip & box).
  • Thickness of doors: Available for 1-3/4" to 2-1/4" doors only. Spacers available for 1-3/8" doors.



The 9K is a Grade 1 heavy-duty cylindrical lever set. 

The 9K has long been a top choice for its quick installation, safety and durability. Now, we've made it an easy choice, too, by updating it to house most large format interchangeable cores. Just slide the existing core out of the lock you're replacing, install the new 9K, and slide the old core back into the 9K lever. No assembly, drilling, or re-keying required. It's the easiest upgrade you'll ever make. 

Ultrashield™ Antimicrobial Protected Coating 

The UltraShield protected coating (By Best Access Lock) incorporates a naturally-occuring silver ion exchange that creates a sanitary surface. In doing so, the microbe food and oxygen supplies are eliminatd, effectively producing a long-lasting product protection. The UltraShield protection is durable and is on guard 24/7. 

The premium lock for quality, performance, and security. Building on BEST's legacy of innovation, the 9K series cylindrical lock combines top-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship into a tough, dependable, long-lasting security solution. We designed the 9K series to be low maintenance, easy to install, durable, and secure. And our range of avilable styles and finishes ensures that the 9K delivers design aesthetics to match a wide variety of applications. 



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