Sargent 28-10G05-LL-10 Entry/Office, Cylindrical Lever Lock

SKU # SA/28-10G05-LL-10

The Sargent 28-10G05-LL-10 Entry/Office, Cylindrical Lever Lock is an Entry Cylindrical Lever Lock. The SARGENT® 10 Line is a heavy duty cylindrical key-in-lever handle lockset exceeds by nine times the ANSI 156.2 Series 4000 Grade 1 standards, at over 9 million cycles. As for abusive force, this lock endures more than 1.5 times the standard without allowing entry. The 10 line trim is designed to conform to national and state fire and handicapped requirements.

Features include:
  • Cylindrical Lever Lock for the 10 Line
  • 28 - Curved Lip Strike (#808)
  • Entrance or Storerooom Function
  • Deadlocking latch 
  • Latch by either lever unless outside lever is locked by push/turn button in inside lever
  • Push button released by key outside or lever inside
  • Turn button must be released manually
  • Key retracts latch when outside lever is locked
  • ANSI/BHMA F109
  • Rose Design L
  • Lever Design L
  • All levers conform to ADA requirement for barrier-free accessibility
  • Satin Bronze, Clear Coated 



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