Sargent 28-11U65-LL-26D Privacy, Cylindrical Lever Lock

SKU # SA/28-11U65-LL-26D

The Sargent 28-11U65-LL-26D Privacy, Cylindrical Lever Lock is a Privacy, Cylindrical Lever Lock. The SARGENT® 11 Line sets a higher standard for Grade 1 bored-in locks. The unique T-Zone® construction provides unequalled strength and durability for the most demanding applications such as schools and hospitals. This is accomplished by true interlocking between the lockbody and the latch far exceeding the 156.2 Series 4000 Grade 1 standards like no other lock can.

Features include:
  • Cylindrical Lever Lock for the 11 Line
  • 28 - Curved Lip Strike (#808)
  • Privacy Function
  • Latchbolt by either lever unless outside lever is locked by push button in inside lever
  • Turning inside lever or closing door releases button
  • Emergency button in outside lever unlocks, with use of a blade screw driver in outside lever and releases inside button
  • ANSI F76A
  • Rose Design L
  • Lever Design L
  • All levers conform to ADA requirement for barrier-free accessibility
  • Satin Chrome



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