Securitech SB175 SAFEBOLT Instant Button Activated Lockdown Lock


Secure Students At The Press Of A Button. Retrofit Existing Cylindrical Lever Locks.

Securitech SB175 SAFEBOLT school security lockdown locks are an easy-to-install and affordable alternative to replacing cylindrical locksets. Designed for classrooms which are generally locked by key from the exterior, Red Button Locks are code-compliant and promote a safe school design. No scrambling for keys, or installing illegal barricade hardware; simply press the red button on the door.

SAFEBOLT meets Department of Homeland Security’s #1 recommendation to quickly lockdown classroom doors from inside without the use of a key.


  • Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Offices
  • Storage Rooms
  • Safe Rooms


How Does It Work?

A single press of the red button projects the locking bolt & instantly locks down the classroom in a code-compliant manner. The classroom lock functions in its normal manner at all times, with exiting always possible in a single motion, even when the SAFEBOLT™ locking bolt is engaged. Entry is always possible by key, meeting code requirements for keyed entry to any locked classroom. SAFEBOLT™ is the code-compliant classroom barricade device.

The Securitech SB175 SAFEBOLT is supplied less cylinder.

Pricing varies based on options selected below.

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Product Videos:




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