Adams Rite 4300-40-101-628 Steel Hawk Electrified Deadlatch

SKU # AD/4300-40-101-628

The Adams Rite 4300-40-101-628 Steel Hawk Electrified Deadlatch is a non-handed, narrow backset, electrified deadlatch that is designed for easy integration with existing access control systems in a building. It combines electrified locking hardware with access control mechanisms on narrow stile aluminum doorways, and it is operable from the inside via a handle or paddle device. People can gain entry with either a keyed mortise cylinder, or a keypad/card reader. To operate, you can either turn the key and apply voltage, or operate the handle/paddle to release spring-loaded latchbolt. This deadlatch easily interfaces with other access control system elements, and is electrically-rated for continuous duty during timed application.

  • Lock accepts standard 1" [25.4 mm] length, 1-5/32" [29.4 mm] diameter mortise cylinder with MS® cam
  • A metal auxiliary bolt deadlocks the latchbolt to prevent "loiding" or case-knife entry
  • Lock accepts cylinder from both sides
  • The latchbolt is stainless steel and measures 5/8" x 1" x 5/8" [15.9 mm x 25.4 mm x 15.9 mm] throw
  • Voltage on the model is field-selected to match power sources or 12,16, or 24 VDC
  • Backset: 1-1/2"
  • No monitoring
  • Strike: surface mount
  • Strike shape: flat
  • Lip length: standard jamb
  • Clear anodized faceplate finish
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