KeySure 101-B Tamper Proof Key Control Lock Box (Blue)

SKU # KE/101B

The KEYSURE Key Control Systems is the physical audit alternative to any electronic audit system for those property owners that do not want to deal with electronic technology. These single-use lock boxes are an ideal accountability system for residential property where keys are not accessed on a daily basis. It eliminates liability and prevents false accusations.

  • Safe, Simple, Secure Key Storage
  • Patented KeySure Key Control Lock Box is pilfer-proof and tamper-evident
  • Lock box can be used for secure storage of keys, passwords, USB drives, money, and more
  • Perfect for property managers, IT professionals, facility management, and personal home security
  • The only non-electronic key security device on the market

This Keysure 101 Blue Key Controller is a non-electronic, water resistant, keyless lock box. Once snapped shut, the box must be physically broken in order to get to the contents.




KEYSURE’s patented Key Control container is a pilfer-proof, tamper-evident key safe. This is the only non-electronic security device that will control and audit the use of a key, password, money, or any other content that needs to be secured. Once an item is secured inside the Key Control, the key controller must be physically broken to access the contents. These ‘Single-Use Lock Boxes’ provide physical accountability for the protected item. The most powerful benefit of the Key Control container is that it can be used to prevent those responsible for your keys, flash drives or other personal information from unauthorized access by providing physical accountability. However, they are still able to access the contents in an emergency or any situation that requires access. This is possible because the Key Control container must be broken to retrieve its contents. This one-time-use key access box ensures that it:

  • Protects Both Parties from Surreptitious Use
  • Provides Physical Accountability
  • Prevents False Accusations
  • Eliminates Liability
  • The Key Controller is Safe, Simple and Secure

No other key control product on the market is as easy to use or as inexpensive because the Key Controller is the only non-electronic key control system available. It’s an efficient, effective, proven key lock box product.



Dimensions: 3.75” x 3” x .75”

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