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Millennium Access Control Technology is an American Company dedicated to advancing new technology in the field of penal System.

Millennium Access Control Technology's Patented Access Control System was invented by Mr. T. Alexander. Within the last decade, we were able to substantially improve the quality and performance of the PACS by using the feedback from our clients. This system is currently being used in hundreds of prisons throughout the United States.

We are acutely aware of the problems caused by violent and unruly inmates in today's prisons, institutions, and jails. Our team's experience has been gained through "on-the job" real life working conditions found in the everyday operations of jails and prisons. The Millennium Access Control System was designed to increase the safety and security of correction personnel while reducing the budget expenditures of prisons, jails, detention centers and other secured institutions. By using the PACS in your facility, you can convert an ordinary cell into a maximum security cell in a minimal time period.

Development of the Millennium Access Control System (PACS) evolved to eliminate personnel's direct contact with the violent and unruly inmate population found in segregation units. This unique Millennium Access Control System incorporates dual locks with a laser-cut unidirectional ratcheted slide mechanism, and is the only dual locking device of this kind available on the market today.

All our products are Proudly Made in the USA, and we're proud to support the workers of America.

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