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Southern Folger is the result of the merger of two leading detention manufacturers: Southern Steel and Folger Adam.

Southern Steel was founded in 1897 with a consistent philosophy of uncompromising quality and outstanding service. With new innovations in product design and application, Southern Steel has patented technology that is used in justice facilities all over the world. From remarkable beginnings as a metal fabricator and sliding door manufacturer over 100 years ago, Southern Steel products have a reputation and experience level "Forged in Steel."

The concept of quality has always been a central theme for Folger Adam products since William J. Adam founded Adam Steel and Wire Works in Joliet, Illinois. Folger Adam entered the business in 1905, and established a company focused on the production of high-security equipment. Today, Folger Adam products have the technology to secure any size facility. Architects and professional hardware consultants internationally specify Folger Adam locks, hardware and sliding door locking devices for detention applications.

Southern Folger equipment and workmanship can be found in thousands of facilities around the world, and Southern Folger detention equipment is specified by design professionals that demand only the best.

As a proud Southern Folger distributor, we carry a wide range of products in many categories. Our lock offerings include deadlocks, deadlatch locks, electro-mechanical deadlatch locks, swinging and sliding gate locks, food pass locks, and retro locks to replace Adtech and older obsolete Southern Steel and Folger locks. We offer Mogul, Maxi-Mogul and blind coded Mogul cylinders, as well as Mogul and paracentric prison keys and blanks in a variety of keyways.

We also carry a wide array of parts, door accessories, detention accessories, hinges, and kits. These include head and foot bolts, spanner keys for head/foot bolts, foot bolt receptacles, replacement strikes, key shield kits, pulls with torx screws, double knob sets, hollow metal mounts, lock repair kits, food passes, presentation keys, full surface hinges, food pass hinges, motors, escutcheons, cylinder shields, magnetic reed switches, pin kits, and Maxi-Mogul rekeying kits.

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