TeacherLock - Classroom Emergency Lockdown Device

Classroom Lockdown System

The fastest and most effective classroom door lock

TeacherLock: The fastest and most effective classroom door lock. Period. Featuring one-Handed Deployment so your other hand is free for a cell phone, pulling a shade, etc. 

Heads Up and Fast!, the lock deploys without kneeling or bending so you can keep an eye on your situation. It is without question the easiest door lock for schools. "Class-Safe" activator prevents unauthorized use of the lock, preventing unsafe situations in the classroom. TeacherLock is the ONLY fire, building, and ADA compliant door lock designed with teachers in mind.

TeacherLock's design allows the opening  of a classroom door in a single effort with a closed fist (ADA test). TeacherLock is conspicuously located making it obvious for anyone to open. Three motions are necessary to open any door:

  1. Approach the door lever
  2. Move the door lever
  3. Push the door open.  

During the approach to the door lever TeacherLock is unlocked. We do not add an additional operation. IBC does not define "operation" as a mechanical interconnect. Egress is safe and obvious. 

TeacherLock® is Approved by Utah State Fire Marshal.

Teacherlock Vs. Standard Classroom Door:

Most classroom doors require a teacher to step into the hall to lock the door.  Teacherlock is the ONLY fire, building, and ADA compliant door lock designed with teachers in mind. Interpretation of the various codes varies widely and is subject to the Authority Having Jurisdiction:

Comparative Speed Test VIDEO:

TeacherLock conducted speed testing and the results were amazing! Watch this video.:

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