Torus Smart Key Management System For All Industries

Founded in Australia in 2001 under CIC Technology, the vision was simple. They set out to design a solution to make key management a breeze for building owners and managers by placing security and usability as their priorities. With a strong foothold in the Australian government sector, intuitive and efficient solutions soon rose to popularity more broadly. Still the provider of choice for the Australian military and other government agencies, thanks to our unrivaled SCEC security credentials, we’re now widely trusted by diverse industries across Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Every aspect of our business is guided by a single philosophy – that the value of technology is to improve people’s lives. That’s Torus developed a product to automate repetitive activities and provide greater control over your assets. Safety, security, and peace of mind were the enduring promise to customers. As a technology company, Torus also knows that innovation must never stop. That’s why they continually invest in R&D – and stay deeply in tune with customers’ needs. The result is an Industry-leading key management system, improved efficiency, and even greater security via cloud software.

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