TownSteel - Anti-Ligature/Ligature Resistant/Suicide Resistant Locks

TownSteel has been manufacturing commercial hardware for over 25 years. We take pride in our ability to maintain a product that keeps people safe. Over 25 years, we've grown into an international enterprise with major category-leading security products sold in over 20 countries.

TownSteel products in our catalog encompass heavy duty anti-ligature, ligature resistant hardware, and include mortise locks, and cylindrical locks.

What is a anti-ligature/ligature resistant lock? A door lock designed to meet the unique application challenges faced by behavioral healthcare facilities seeking to maintain the balance between patient safety and security. Anti-ligature/ligature resistant (aka suicide resistant) locks minimize ligature points while being stylish and functional. All anti-ligature/ligature resistant products are designed to ensure patient safety in specialized care environments.

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