Kaba Mas X-10 High Security FF-L-2740B Approved Lock

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Kaba Mas X-10 High-Security FF-L-2740B Approved Lock

The Kaba Mas X-10 Lock is the trusted choice for securing the US Government's strict requirement of Federal Specification FF-L-2740 (now revision "B") - it's highest security standard for electromechanical locks.

Kaba Mas Limited Use Clause for X-10 Series: Section 1.1.1 Limited Use. "Locks tested and qualified under this specification are to be sold only to the Federal Government, Government contractors specifically authorized to purchase these locks, or other organizations specifically authorized or required by the Government to use these locks." See Full Limited Use Clause below.

  • Enhanced Security: Manipulation-proof design, impervious to external attack.
  • Durable Construction: Made to meet Federal Specification FF-L-2740B standards.
  • Backlit Display: Illuminates with a turn of the dial, ideal for low-light environments.
  • Self-Powered: Operates without external power sources, eliminating battery concerns.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive visual controls guide programming and audit features.
  • Versatile Application: Approved for use on Class 5 and Class 6 filing cabinets, Class 5 security vault doors, and pedestrian doors in SCIFs.



Kaba Mas X-10 High-Security FF-L-2740B Approved Lock

The X-10 is Impervious to External Attack.

Kaba Mas is proud to announce the newly designed X-10 - the secure tradition continues. With nearly one million sold, the Kaba Mas X-0 series is the choice for securing the Government's most sensitive material. The X-10 was designed and developed as a direct result of the latest revision to federal specification FF-L-2740 (now Revision "B").The X-10 is the approved lock for "Style 1" applications.

Simply rotate the dial to power up the lock and enter the combination. Intuitive, visual controls guide the operator through programming and audit features. The X-10 provides all the benefits of high-security electronic locking while maintaining the reliability of a mechanical lock, independent of batteries or outside power sources.

Secure Tradition.
The X-0 series first introduced in 1992 as the lock to meet the strict requirements of Federal Specification FF-L-2740. The X-10 represents the latest edition to this secure tradition.


Why the X-10?
The X-10 was designed and developed as a direct result of the latest revision to federal specification FF-L-2740, now Revision B. This revision calls for two distinctly different lock styles. Be aware that the characteristics and operating features of a "Style 1" and "Style 2" lock are not equal! The X-10 is the only self-contained lock and now, with the backlit LCD display, clearly represents the best overall value. The X-10 is the lock awarded the distinction of being approved for Style 1 Applications.


User Friendly Features.
The X-10 was designed with similar features and functions of its predecessor, the X-09. This minimizes the need for user training. The X-10 maintains the already familiar product operating features. The X-10 uses the same "Green" self-powered technology - simply rotate the dial to power-up the lock. The proprietary Kaba Mas self powered feature eliminates the concern of an unexpected failure due to battery life. The X-10 retains the same three security modes, along with a full complement of audit features.

New - Backlit Display.
A unique, standard feature of each X-10 manufactured after March 25th, 2014 is the new backlit LCD. With a simple turn of the dial, the screen illuminates, eliminating the need for external light sources when locks are installed in poorly lit storage areas.

The X-10 offers three modes of operation, and features Automatic Lock Reset, High-Security combination scramble. The X-10 resists all forms of external manipulation and environmental attack.


What's New?
The following chart lists the enhanced features of the X-10 versus its predecessor the X-09:

Feature X-09 X-10 Comments
Backlit Display N/A Standard Ease of Use
Lock Case Field Assembly Through Case Mounting Ease of Installation, Sealed Case
Serial Number Six-Digit Eight-Digit X-0 Series, 1 Million Sold
Lock Motor Stepper Motor DC Motor New Lock Design
Lock Cable Orientation 3 Hrs. Behind Bolt Opposite of Bolt New Lock Design
Lock Bolt Options Flush & Extended - 4 Options One Bolt Flush - Tapped Enhanced Design, Fewer Parts
Product Identification "Dial Ring" Factory Location, Month & Year Made Product ID, Location, Month & Year Made Product Differentiation
ID Stamp Location 9:00 8:00 Product Differentiation

The X-10 has been designed to enhance user friendly features, while improving security. For example, the lock case incorporates a through case mounting feature to improve to improve ease of installation while protecting the lock's internal electronics and mechanisms. The lock case has a security seal which provides a visible indication the lock has been accessed.

National Stock Numbers (NSN):

  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA): 5340-01-625-9851
  • General Services Agency (GSA): 5340-01-613-2078


ATTENTION: Non-Government X-10 Buyers, by FF-L-28740B Specification you must have or obtain a CAGE Code to purchase the new Kaba Mas X-10. Click here for instructions to obtain a CAGE Code.

Special Orders: For pricing on any Kaba Mas Access Control Devices not on this page please contact Taylor via e-mail (sales@taylorsecurity.com) or call +1 (800) 676-7670.


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