Schlage L9440-06A-626 Privacy Mortise Lock with Deadbolt

SKU # SC/L9440-06A-626

The Schlage L9440-06A-626 Privacy Mortise Lock with Deadbolt is a Privacy Mortise Lock with Deadbolt. The Schlage L Series has long been the benchmark for mortise locks. Beyond strength and security – it offers tremendous flexibility to allow it to meet the needs of most every application. 

Features include:

  • Privacy (Non- Keyed Function) Mortise Lock with Deadbolt
  • Lever Style - 06
  • Rose A - 2-1/8" Diameter
  • Handing: Field-reversible
  • Privacy with deadbolt - Latchbolt retracted by lever/ knob from either side. Deadbolt actuated by inside thumbturn. Throwing deadbolt locks outside knob/lever. Inside lever retracts both deadbolt and latchbolt and unlocks outside lever. To unlock from outside remove emergency button, insert emergency thumbturn in access hole and rotate. Inside lever always free for immediate egress
  • Satin Chrome Finish

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