Corbin Russwin Parallel Arm Closer, w/Sex Nuts & Bolts

SKU # CO/DC6210-M54-689


  • Spring Power: DC6200 closers: multi-sized; fully adjustable sizes 1 through 6.
  • Handing: Non-handed (with the exception of some arms and accessories).
  • Body: Cast-iron case with seamless cold headed steel spring tube.
  • Arm: Standard: forged steel.
  • Spindle: Heat-treated steel with a crowned gear set for increased efficiency.
  • Piston: 1-3/8" diameter; precision machined, heat-treated steel.
  • Springs: Chrome silicon wire.
  • Valves: Latching speed valve standard. Closing speed valve standard. Multiple backcheck location valve and backcheck intensity valve standard.
  • Seals: “O” rings.
  • Fluid: Standard: high lubricity extreme temperature hydraulic fluid.
  • Degree of Opening: Up to full 180° opening standard for regular, top jamb and parallel arm mountings, conditions permitting.
  • Power Adjustment Arm Bracket: 15% adjustment standard.
  • Cover: Standard: plastic V-O flame rated cover.
  • Mountings: Standard: regular or top jamb. Parallel arm or tri-style packaging
  • Mounting Bracket: Quik-Install™ mounting bracket standard.
  • Fasteners: Standard: self-drilling screws.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Complies with the Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities, Section 4.13.11

G.S.A. Contract Holder
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GSA contract # 47QSWA19D001W



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