Corbin Russwin CLX3381-NZD-626 Class X Blank Plate

SKU # CO/CLX3381NZD-626

The Corbin Russwin CLX3381NZD-626 is a Classroom function cylindrical lockset, in Satin Chromium Plated finish, with Solid Cast Zinc Newport Levers and Wrought Brass Rose. This cylindrical lockset is part of the Corbin Russwin CLX3300 Series.

The Classroom x Blank Plate Function is ANSI F113 approved and comes with:
  • deadlocking latchbolt by lever;Deadlocking latchbolt by lever, except when lever is locked by key (lever handle is freewheeling in locked position);
  • lever on one side; blank plate on other side;
  • key unlocks lever.




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