Schlage A53LD-PLY-626 Entrance Knob, Grade 2

SKU # SC/A53LD-PLY-626

The Schlage A53LD-PLY-626 Entrance Knob, Grade 2 is an Entrance Knob Set in a Satin Chrome Finish.  The Schlage A series knobs and levers are constructed with excellent quality materials which will allow them to stand up to constant use and abuse. 

Features include:

  • Entrance Plymouth (PLY) Knob Set, Grade 2 
  • Less Standard Cylinder
  • Medium Traffic Commercial and Heavy Duty Residential Locks
  • A53 - Entrance lock - Turn/push-button locking: pushing and turning button locks the outside knob, requiring use of a key until button is manually unlocked 
  • Push-button locking: pushing button locks outside knob until it is unlocked by key or by turning the inside knob
  • Satin Chrome



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