Schlage ND92JD-SPA-626 Grade 1, Cylindrical Lock


The Schlage ND92JD-SPA-626 Grade 1, Cylindrical Lock is a Sparta Style Lever, Grade 1, FSIC, less core, Cylindrical Lock for the ND Series.  Performance beyond Grade 1 - The Schlage® ND family significantly exceeds BHMA Grade 1 requirements for cycle, lever torque, hammer blow, lever pull and other tests. This means confidence that the lock will last—whether the application calls for high abuse resistance or just operation over millions of cycles— without any degradation in performance.  Vandlgard™ trim is specifically designed for highly abusive environments. The outside lever rotates freely up and down when locked, limiting the ability of vandals to apply excessive force to the chassis

Features include:

  • Sparta Lever
  • FSIC, less core
  • Entrance lock - Turn/push-button locking: Pushing and turning button disengages outside lever, requiring using of key until button is manually unlocked. Push-button locking: Pushing button disengages outside lever until unlocked by key or by turning inside lever. Vandlgard allows outside spindle to disengage from latch when locked. Inside lever always free for immediate egress.
  • ND Series mechanical lock - Vandlgard™ function  
  • Satin Chrome Finish

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