Kaba Access 6202-86-41 Cylindrical Combination Lock

SKU # SI/6202-86

Product Features:

  • Mechanical Pushbutton Lock Eliminates Problems and Costs Associated with Issuing, Controlling, and Collecting Keys and Cards
  • Provides Fully Mechanical Exterior Access by Combination, While Allowing Free Egress at all times by Interior Knob
  • No Battery Fully Mechanical Lock Eliminates the Material and Labor Expense of Battery Replacements
  • Locking Device Cylindrical Latch
  • Number of Codes Single Access Code One Easy-To-Manage Code for all Users
  • Programming Lock is Easily Programmed Via Keypad without emoving Lock from the Door
  • Handing Factory-Handed Left
  • Easily Field Reversible
  • Operation Modes Pushbutton Access



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