Kaba Access, Mechanical & Electronic Pushbutton Locks and Accessories

The Kaba Group is headquartered in Rumlang, Switzerland with over 7,500 employees in nearly 60 countries

Kaba offers comprehensive solutions for security at access points to buildings and containers, as well as for recording personal and enterprise data. Kaba’s products utilize the latest technologies, including RFID, remote access, biometrics, wireless, and GPS. Kaba brands include E-Plex®, Kaba®, Keyscan, ILCO, Saflok, LA GARD, Oracode, PowerPlex, and Simplex®.

We carry mechanical (Simplex®) and electronic (E-Plex®) pushbutton locks. We also offer parts, accessories and kits. Locks are available with a variety of finishes and configuration.

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