Southern Folger Magnetic Reed Switch


A magnetically-actuated switch, serving primarily as a sensing device, which detects the opening action of a swinging or sliding door – can also be used on windows.

Southern Folger is the result of the merger of two leading detention manufacturers: Southern Steel and Folger Adam.




The switch contacts mortise into an ANSI-sized cutout in the doorframe and its actuating magnet mortises into the edge of the door – fully concealed and physically inaccessible when door is closed. The contacts are activated when a door is within 1/4" of being fully closed, and switches modes when the door moves the magnet less than 1". The switch and magnet bodies are made of die-cast aluminum with a natural aluminum.

  • Single-pole, double-throw type (SPDT).
  • Rated for 1 amp @ 24 VAC 5/8 amp @ 24 VDC.
  • Color-coded, wire leads: 12" long.
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