Alarm Lock Battery Operated Surface Door Alarm, (MS)Silver


Two selectable arming modes for security door alarms and locks –

  • Always armed mode – when key is turned counter clockwise to the disarm position, the key cannot be removed. To remove key, turn back to arm mode, thus keeping unit armed always.
  • Standard security door alarm arming mode – when key is inserted turning counter clockwise will disarm and key can be removed. Turning key clockwise will arm and key can be removed.

G.S.A. Contract Holder
This item is available on our
GSA contract # 47QSWA19D001W



  • Max-Flex Terminals, allowing for any or all of the following:
    • Continuous power with the addition of an external power supply
    • Multiple door monitoring permitted with built-in external reed switches
    • Security Door Lock and Alarm Status Indicator – The LED will indicate RED when armed.
    • Entry Delay Time Options – include 15 seconds, 1 minute 15 seconds & 
    • 3 minutes 15 seconds
  • Sleek model design key-activated door alarm for use on standard size and narrow stile doors
  • Unauthorized use of door causes alarm to sound and activates LED indicator
  • Options include continuous alarm, minute shutdown with auto reset and exit/entry delay
  • Uses standard mortise cylinder
  • Tamper switch supervised
  • For exterior key control, optional RIM cylinder may be used
  • Metallic silver

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