Hager BB1199 5 Knuckle Heavy Weight 4.5"x4.5" NRP Hinge

SKU # HG/B1199N-4.5-32D

  • ANSI A5111
  • Four ball bearings
  • Non-rising removable pin with tip and plug
  • For use on heavy weight doors and doors requiring high
  • Non-removable pin
  • Complies with NFPA80 requirements for use on fire rated door assemblies



Ball Bearing (BB) Ball bearings are engineered to throw the knuckle weight against specially hardened steel raceways, which ride on the bearing surfaces. The one-piece cup protects the bearings from moisture and dust. The cup supports no weight so it is not subjected to functional friction, pressure or wear. Lateral wear is minimized because the pin is held against thrust by the hardened steel top and bottom raceways. The bearing units are securely press-fit to the leaf knuckle to prevent loss when the hinge is disassembled.


The non-removable pin (NRP) has a small set screw in the body of the barrel. This set screw is tightened down against the pin. The pin has a groove in the position where the set screw makes contact, allowing the set screw to seat. The set screw is positioned so it cannot be reached unless the door is opened. If pin removal is necessary, the set screw is merely removed and the pin tapped from the bottom in the usual manner.

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