Hager - Spring, Plain Bearing, Ball Bearing, and Continuous Hinges

It’s been more than 166 years since Charles Hager first started working in a blacksmith shop. And in that timespan, they've grown from forging wheel rims for Conestoga wagons to offering more than 6,000 door hardware products. In 2012, Hager launched a line of electrified products, including electric strikes, keypads, and magnetic locks. Today, the products created by Hager Companies can be found all over the world. And for good reason: they’re built to last. Hager continues to expand its line of locks, door controls, and exit devices – all backed by a 167-year legacy of quality, reputation, and excellence.

We carry a selection of standard and heavy duty Hager hinges, including spring hinges, plain bearing hinges, ball bearing hinges, and full surface hinges.

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