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R.R. Brink Locking Systems Inc. (RRBLS) was founded in 1976 and is a leading manufacturer of security door locks and accessory hardware specially designed for correctional facilities. RRBLS produces a full range of mechanical and electromechanical locks for sliding and swinging doors – minimum, medium- and max-security grades – including a prison mogul mortise key cylinder.

RRBLS’s locks meet Grade 1 ASTM International tests. All RRBLS products are made in the U.S. and used in hundreds of jails and prisons in the U.S. and many other countries. Stainless steel is the raw material used for structural and working parts of locks. RRBLS manufactures lock parts with high accuracy from precise computer machining and sheet metal fabrication tools. Quality control testing is performed by experienced assemblers and bench tested on final products. We offer a full line of products designed for correctional institutions where remote control of cell and corridor doors is often mandatory. RRBLS’s reputation is built on innovation, quality products, and installed backup service.

While their principal market is detention facilities, RRBLS door-locking products are ideal for any establishment where abuse and attack resistance are a concern. Banks, casinos, museums, offices, and homeland security installations use these products where door access control systems require durable and accurate locks.

RRBLS encourages architects and specifiers to consult our lock specialists for assistance with the application and technical understanding of these products. Brink can design special mountings to adapt locks for retrofitting to an existing swinging door/frame. We advise on the suitability of our sliding door electric operating or locking mechanisms to replace obsolete and worn installations.

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