H.P.C. Automate Key Duplicator

SKU # HP/6666HQT

The Automate"' is a fully-automatic heavy-duty key duplicator. It is equipped with 4-way jaws to securely hold a wide variety of keys including double-sided automotive and small furniture keys. The high-performance motor provides ample torque and the double-angle tool steel cutter makes for precise duplicating. An optional carbide cutter is available for longer cutter li fe, particularly beneficial when cutting harder key blanks. Fully-Automated Hands-Free Key Cutting 4-Way Jaws The cutting cycle takes only 12 seconds, making quick work of cutting a lot of keys. Just load the keys and press the button, the Automate'" will do the rest, leaving you free to go back to your customer or other work at hand. Simple operation and consistent results make the Automate™ an ideal machine even for your apprentice to use.




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